Hire Terms and Conditions

By paying a deposit and hiring from Whistling Reindeer the hirer accepts the terms and conditions of hire as outlined below. All hire items remain the property of Whistling Reindeer at all times.


All prices quoted are excluding GST and are subject to change without notice.

Hire Period

Hire period is maximum of 4 days from the time the hire items leave and are back in the possession of Whistling Reindeer. This period is for use at 1 event only and allows setup and pack down time. No discounts will be given for shorter hire periods. Additional charges will occur if items are not returned within the agreed hire period. Longer hire periods may be arranged.


Delivery and collection in and around Wanaka area is complimentary for bookings over $250 +GST. Bookings under this value will be charged $1.25 per km for delivery and collection. Bookings outside of Wanaka are sent via Post Haste Couriers at the hirer’s expense. Return labels and instructions will be provided. Last minute or unarranged delivery or collection may incur additional charges.


A non-refundable Deposit of 50% of total hire is due to confirm booking. Balance is due minimum 3 weeks prior to booking date. Hires under $400 require payment in full to confirm booking. Whistling Reindeer reserve the right to hire items to another hirer if a deposit/payment is not received and booking not confirmed. A damage deposit/bond will be held in the form of a valid credit card number. An invoice for any applicable additional charges will be issued with payment due in full within 7 days. If payment is not received by the due date the credit card supplied will be charged plus 3% credit card surcharge.


If you wish to cancel your booking, please inform us as soon as possible and await our confirmation of cancellation. Cancellation will result in non-refundable 50% deposit being held. If cancellation occurs within 30 days of booking date 100% of hire total will be charged. If a “no-show” occurs and booking was not cancelled prior to booking date, 100% of total hire will be charged.


The hirer shall use items only for their intended use and will not attempt to alter, repair or modify the items hired. The hirer shall check the items upon pick up/delivery and notify Whistling Reindeer immediately of any damaged or missing items or discrepancies. Whistling Reindeer will endeavour to supply the items as agreed but will not be liable for non-delivery, delay in delivery or in ability to supply. Whistling Reindeer reserve the right to supply similar items.


The hirer may sub-hire items. Responsibility of items and payment remain of the initial hirer.


The hirer is liable for any breech or non-compliance to any of the terms and conditions of hire. Whistling Reindeer accepts no liabilities for any consequential loss or damage to any person or property. Whistling Reindeer will not be liable for any delays or costs associated with delays caused by unforeseen circumstances.

Condition of Items

The hirer must notify Whistling Reindeer of any damage to hire items. Any damaged, excessively soiled or broken items are to be charged the cost to repair to the original condition of hire or replacement to the hirer. The hirer agrees to be responsible for any damage, loss or theft of items from time of delivery until items are returned to the possession of Whistling Reindeer. Damage includes but is not limited to non-removable stains, cigarette burns, coloured wax residue and irreparable damage. Replacement costs are available by request.


To avoid damage, non-removable stains and subsequent additional charges Whistling Reindeer request the following restrictions are adhered to:

- No naked candles placed on the linen. Open candle holders are required to have a vessel below to

   collect wax drips or spills.

- No coloured/dyed feathers

- No saffron or turmeric in catering


Care instructions will be provided with the hired items. Any steps not followed may result in additional charges. Do not pin the linen in place as this may cause damage. As linen is a natural product there may be imperfect yarns in the weave, do not attempt to cut any of these off as it will result in a hole. Shake all debris, including food, floral/foliage, grass before storing linen after use. For bookings outside of Wanaka, do not store damp/wet linen in bags provided. Ensure linen is dry before storing for courier pick up.


Hire charges include soak, spot clean, wash, dry and steam/press. Any additional or repeated treatments for stain or substance removal may incur additional charges. Any bodily fluids present, including but not limited to, blood and vomit will incur a charge of $100+GST per item or locality.


No claims will be considered unless raised within 7 days of the hire period.