A little background story into who we are...

Bevan, a seasoned upholsterer and Aucklander who has called the Southern Lakes area home for over 15 years joined forces with Bonnie, a Melbournite who came for a winter and stayed, 5 years ago and never looked back. Bonnie with a hospitality and corporate travel background joined Bevan and the Wanaka Upholstery team assisting in the day to day running of the business and it wasn't long before their daughter, Ruby Skye, was welcomed into the family, and most recently Miss Koda Rain. 

The idea of the Whistling Reindeer concept came about many years ago when the creative man behind it all lived just over the range. A tree formation above this historic town, when snow has fallen, stands out from the rest appearing to be a reindeer whistling. The seed was planted. Since then the name was kept under wraps until recently when the stars aligned and it was now or never. And so, with the persistence and passion of Bevan and his partner Bonnie, Whistling Reindeer came to fruition.

What began as a space for fabric viewing and a few items of bespoke furniture has evolved into our own collection of authentic Belgian linen bedding and table linen, made by us right here in Wanaka. As a small family owned and operated business, Whistling Reindeer is proud to offer a unique and specially selected range of Wanaka and New Zealand made products along side the finest linen.

Whistling Reindeer Wanaka
The Whistling Reindeer